Questions that Mostly Asked in the UK Visa Interview

Every year thousands of students migrate to the UK to pursue higher education. In the UK they will get an education from the top universities of the United Kingdom. Moreover, they can learn many things from the UK’s living standards, working structure, and culture. However, in order to get a study visa from the UK visa officers is not an easy task. As students have to go through the lengthy visa process. Apart from this, students have to pass the visa interview, only then they be able to get a UK visa. Most of the students fail the UK visa interview due to a lack of preparation, fear, and nervousness. In the upcoming paragraphs, we will discuss the frequently asked questions in the United Kingdom visa interview. 

However, the UK Student visa interview isn’t as critical as you think. The main focus of the visa officer is to make sure you are a real student with good English speaking skills. Most of the questions are related to your status as a student and why you chose the UK and UK university. Moreover, the interviewer officer will ask about the educational institution you have been accepted into, the course, the program, and how you will pay for your academic and living costs during your studies in the UK. However, your UK student visa consultant can also help you with the interview preparations.

Have a look at some questions you can expect to come up in your UK student visa interview:

Why Choose the UK?

The question that the officer will one hundred percent ask you is why the UK? They want to know the reason why you chose the UK among other countries. So, you must prepare for this question. To pass the interview you have to confidently tell the visa officer about your main motive for choosing the UK. 

Why Did You Choose this University?

The interviewer will want to know why you chose this particular university. You must have to get ready to answer this question. Therefore, before going for the interview you can search about the university on the internet and get to know about the specialty of the university. Moreover. You can check the university prospects. You can tell the officer about the quality of education you will get over there. 

Why Did You Choose this Course/Degree?

Another question that the officer may ask you is why you chose this specific course.  To give the best answer to this question, you must go through the the all subjects of your course. You can tell them how this course will help you to achieve your life objective. If you are going for a Master’s studies you can simply connect it with your previous study field. Moreover, you can tell the visa office how this course adds value to your CV or resume.

What is the Location of your University? Where will you Be Living?

To answer this question It wouldn’t be enough to just know the city’s name. You must read up on the university’s campus, where it’s located, nearby cities or towns, what facilities it offers, etc. In general, you should know exactly where the university is. Also, you should know the address and where your accommodation will be. 

Do you Plan on Working in the UK Post-Graduation?

To answer this kind of question, you have to read the United Kingdom immigration policies, which can be found on the embassy website. Make sure you know what kind of visa you are applying for and if it permits you to remain in the UK after graduation to look for work. Whether you want to return home or stay in the UK with a work visa, state your reasons clearly.

What Are you Going to Do During your Holiday or Semester Breaks?

While many international students who study at UK universities return home during the summer holidays and the gap year, there are also those who stay and work part-time in the United Kingdom or do an internship. When asked about this, make it clear that you intend to return home to see your family or arrange for them to travel to the United Kingdom.

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If you want to clear the United Kingdom visa interview, you must go through the above-mentioned questions.

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