SecureKin App: Best App To Track Your Kids


Ensuring kids’ safety and security is the primary need in today’s digital age. Parental control apps are the real deal as they offer excellent features and all the services that today’s parents need.

Though there are all types of apps both in terms of features and services still it is better to choose the app that offers the best bundle offers. The SecureKin app is one of the best apps that lets parents be part of the secretive tech-savvy generation without any worry. The app is a big blessing for parents as they can practically know about everything with the tool. Today’s kid’s life is more or less all about the smart gadget and the SecureKin app covers this part of their life.

All you need to do is choose your favorite bundle and install the app by following simple and easy steps. It is not a big deal and it takes no more than 5-10 minutes the install the app depending on the user end model. Packed with a lot of interesting features this is the best way to navigate the complex world of today’s kids. Here is what you need to know about the SecureKin app features.

Real-Time Location

Real-time location is one of the basic features that everyone needs in their life. In this unsecured world, knowing your loved ones or your gadget is safe and can be tracked in real-time without worry is important. Well, the real-time location tracking feature offered by the Secure Kin app is the best choice for you as it lets the user know about the kid’s location in real time. So feel free to let them go to out-of-town school trips or birthday parties.


Web-related content can be a little dangerous if the kids are minors and have no sense of wrong or right differentials. For those kids who have no self-control, the SecureKin app offers a web-filtering feature. It lets the user control the web content according to the kid’s age. No age-inappropriate content can be watched by the kids when the parents use the web filtering feature of the SecureKin app.

Browsing History

Find out about the Netflix streaming history or YouTube video browsing of the kids with the help of the browsing history feature. The feature can also let you know about the digital accounts like the social media accounts of the kids. With the SecureKin app parents can know about the browsing history details of their kids even if they get rid of it on the gadget.

Screen Time

Monitor and control the screen time and stop the kids from playing late-night games or chatting. The screen time Feature informs the parents about the overall screen time and time spent on particular apps by the kids. Monitor and manage the screen time of the kids and save them from health issues, including physical and mental health issues.

Activity Report

Get detailed and time-stamped activity reports of every activity of the ki with the SecureKin app. It makes it easier and more accommodating for busy parents who have no time to keep up with their kid’s real-time activities through live notification features.

App Block

Worried that your kid might get more and more interested in useless dating apps at an early age? Well, the SecureKin app has a solution for you. Get the Android tracker app and use the App Block feature to learn about all the apps installed on the kid’s device. It includes access to both Android and iPhone app stores.

Location History

Access to live location is important but if you know about the location history and overall whereabouts of the kids it is more important. Enjoy the location history feature by recording all the places visited by the kids with the parental control app. It makes it easier for the parents to know about the secret hangout places of the kids.


The key logger feature keeps the record of keystrokes applied on the kid’s device. With smart games, this is particularly everything and somehow every activity revolves around using the keypad. Enjoy the feature and nothing will be secret from you anymore including the kid’s alternative social media accounts along with their credentials.

Parents Review About SecureKin:

SecureKin is an economical app. Parents love it as it offers a practical and long-term solution to digital issues faced by today’s parents. The app has received good reviews because of its user-friendly and simple interface as well.

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