Travel Rewards Credit Cards: Maximising Benefits and Minimising Costs

Everyone loves a good vacation, but planning a trip can be a little heavy on your budget. Several expenses, including flights, stays, transportation around the city, etc., come up when planning your trip. Travel credit cards are a great way of financing your vacations with less burden on your pockets. You can use your travel credit card and enjoy several perks. Certain factors could affect your credit card usage, so it is recommended to have a free cibil score check to get the best offers.

What is a Travel Credit Card?

A travel credit card is a type of credit card that generates points on regular purchases that may be applied to travel costs. Rewards come in the form of miles or points that may be used to pay for travel-related expenditures like flights, hotels, and rental automobiles. When you have a sufficient number of credits or miles, you may redeem them for valuable benefits like hotel accommodations and transportation. Some travel credit cards are linked to a particular transport company or hotel loyalty scheme, while others allow you to earn benefits through the credit card’s rewards program. 

How to Get a Travel Credit Card

Getting a travel credit card is not a very difficult task, but there are certain conditions that one should know. 

Eligibility for Travel Credit Card

  1. The applicant should be a citizen of the country.
  2. The applicant can be a salaried employee or a business owner with a good credit history on a free cibil score check.
  3. The minimum for application is 21 years, and the maximum age can be 60-65 years of age. 

Once you are eligible for the credit card, consider the following points: 

  • Carry out good research for the best travel credit card offers before landing on a bank. 
  • Get a free cibil score check with a cibil score app to get your credit history and maintain a good credit score.
  • Keep your basic documents ready for the process when you choose the bank.
  • Complete the application for the credit card either on the online portal or any bank branch and wait for approval. 
  • Get your credit card activated and use it wisely to maintain your credit score. Ensure you have a free cibil score check regularly.

Types of Travel Credit Cards 

There are different types of travel credit cards available. You can choose the desired travel credit card according to your needs. 

Airline Credit Cards

Airline credit cards earn credits in the airline’s reward program, and you may use them for tickets or upgrading. Miles earned on transactions made with an airline credit card are credited into the airline’s regular flyer account, often monthly when the billing cycle closes.

You must adhere to the steps outlined in that airline’s regular flyer program’s policies to redeem the reward flight. Additionally, the card could come with benefits like free checked-in luggage and early boarding. The more you pay as the yearly charge, the greater the built-in traveling advantages you will receive from the card.

General Travel Cards

This category includes travel credit cards that provide rewards in the currency exclusive to the credit card provider. You may use these to earn points for regular expenditures and additional rewards for spending on specific products like travel, dining, or groceries. You can receive rewards to pay for accommodations, hire automobiles, vacation deals, transportation, and more.

Hotel Travel Credit Cards

Credit card companies and specific hotel chains collaborate to provide co-branded hotel cards. These credit cards often provide high reward rates for booking hotel accommodations, and the loyalty points you acquire can be used for hotel stays, room improvements, or additional hotel-related benefits. Additionally, your card may have benefits like a complimentary stay every year you use it or instant elite status within the hotel’s rewards scheme.

Flexible Travel Credit Cards

These cards often let you move your points to various affiliate airline and hotel networks or exchange your rewards on travel using an online platform. These credit cards could also provide appealing rewards, such as extensive airport lounge use or travel-related insurance coverage.

Benefits of Travel Credit Cards

Some of the benefits of getting a travel credit card are as follows: 

  1. Most travel credit cards offer users bonus points or miles on travel-related expenses such as airline, accommodations, auto rentals, transport, taxicabs, rideshares, and more. 
  2. Many travel credit cards have attractive welcome deals. These perks can significantly boost the reward balance, enabling you to earn useful awards in a shorter time.
  3. You may be able to get a reimbursement if your plans shift for valid conditions if you have a credit card featuring included travel insurance.
  4. Certain premium travel credit cards offer usage of airport lounges. Cardholders can use this for relaxation in a partner airport lounge ahead of their trip.
  5. To enhance your trip experience, travel credit cards provide a variety of travel rewards. These could include free checked baggage, use of an airport lounge, early boarding, and travel insurance.
  6. Numerous travel card programs provide higher reward points for certain kinds of spending, including travel, fuel, grocery, or restaurants.
  7. When booking a vacation using the credit card company’s website, several travel credit cards provide rewards or even exclusively cash back. 


Credit cards have always been a great way to fulfill your major financial needs. Travel credit cards are the kind of credit cards that help you have an easy travel experience with their reward systems and additional benefits. With the help of a free cibil score check, you can easily check for a good credit score, apply for a good travel credit card, and enjoy your trips with the benefits. 

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