Top Tips to Fix Wireless-N Repeater Slow WiFi Connection Issue

Experiencing the Wireless-N WiFi repeater slow internet connection issue can get really frustrating, especially after a successful Wireless-N WiFi repeater setup. Many users are pulling their hair out because of their inability to fix the issue. In case, you are also one of them, then following the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this article will surely be able to get you out of the mess that you are in. Taking this into consideration, it is suggested that you waste no more time reading the information given below.

Before you learn how to resolve the Wireless-N WiFi repeater slow internet connection issue, it is recommended that you try the basic solutions first.

Let Us Start with the Basics

The easiest way to troubleshoot any issue related to a networking device is to restart it. You should also try to restart your Wireless-N WiFi repeater. There is nothing wrong with hoping, right? With that said, follow the steps given here to restart your device:

  • Locate and press the power button on the repeater.
  • Disconnect it from the wall socket that it is connected to.
  • Let the repeater rest for some time.
  • Connect it back to its electrical socket and turn it on.
  • Make sure that the LED light on the device has turned solid green.

Now, check in case you can resolve the Wireless-N WiFi repeater slow internet connection issue. By any chance, if you are not able to, then follow the troubleshooting tips, the advanced ones. They might bring some luck.

[Fixed] Wireless-N-Repeater Slow WiFi Connection Issue

  1. Update the Firmware to its Latest Version

Firmware is another name for the software embedded in your Wireless-N WiFi repeater. It looks over the performance of your networking devices. If updated on time, it adds the latest security features and fixes errors. However, considering you are experiencing the Wireless-N WiFi repeater slow internet connection issue, it can mean one thing, i.e. the firmware of the device is running on its outdated version. Thus, do the obvious in this case, i.e. update the firmware of your wireless repeater to its latest version. In case you want to know how to carry out the process, refer to the user manual.

  1. Check the Cable Connecting the Devices

Have a thorough check of the Ethernet cable connecting the Wireless-N WiFi repeater and the host router. Are any cuts or bite marks found? If yes, then it means that your pet is behind this condition of the cable. Rather than scolding it, why don’t you follow a different approach? In simple words, you should consider using a replacement for the existing cable. Either use a new cable to connect the devices or a wireless source of connection to join the WiFi repeater and host router. Now, check again if the Wireless-N WiFi repeater slow internet connection has left you for good.

  1. Place the Wireless Devices in Proximity

In view of you reading this troubleshooting tip, it can mean one thing; the same issue is following you around like your shadow and ruining your internet-usage experience. To take care of the problem, you ought to reduce the distance between the networking devices, i.e. the repeater and the host router. Bringing them closer will ensure that signal transmission is happening properly between them. However, do not place them too close to each other. Or else, their WiFi signals will clash thereby stopping you from troubleshooting the Wireless-N WiFi repeater slow internet connection issue.

  1. Reset and Install the WiFi Repeater Again

In case not even a single solution provided above helped you to resolve the issue at hand, then you should reset your networking device. For that, you ought to press the reset button located on the Wireless-N WiFi repeater using a paper clip and wait for 30 seconds. Once you have successfully reset your device, it will reboot. Let it complete the process. Avoid interrupting it by unplugging the repeater from its wall socket. After this, perform the WiFi repeater setup process. In case you do not want to use the manual method, it is recommended that you put the WPS method to use.

Sum Up

These were the troubleshooting tips through which the Wireless-N WiFi repeater slow internet connection issue can be resolved. We hope that with the aid of the solutions provided above, you will be able to speed up the internet connection. In case, you are still stuck with the Wireless-N WiFi repeater slow internet connection issue, then it means that there is something wrong with your networking device, i.e. the repeater. In this scenario, you ought to get your wireless repeater checked or probably buy a new one.

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