Signals of One Orbi Satellite are Very Poor. Why?

Netgear Orbi mesh system is one of the most opted-for mesh systems.  After setting it up via or Orbi app, you can enjoy lag-free WiFi signals. This WiFi system has different devices. There is one main router and the other are satellites. The main router gets connected to the modem and the satellites connect to the main router creating a mesh. While you move across your home, the connection keeps shifting from one Orbi device to another and hence you do not get disconnected from the WiFi as you move.

Many users have reported issues with their Orbi system.  At times users say that only one satellite gives out poor WiFi signals. If you have the same issue with your Orbi satellite, then this guide will help you out to resolve the problem at hand.

How to Fix Orbi Satellite Poor Signals?

When you have a bigger home, then mesh WiFi systems are the best choice to get internet signals in all nooks and crannies of the home. But even if one of the devices is giving you trouble, then you will face internet disconnections. The next part of the post will guide you through fixing the Orbi satellite’s poor signals.

1.    Reduce the Distance Between Router and Satellite

The Orbi satellite has to be placed closer to the router so that it can get input signals. There is a possibility you have placed the satellite outside the range of the router which is why signals from the satellite are very poor.

We suggest you bring the satellite close to the router now. Unplug it from its current socket and find a new place where you have an available socket. Plug the satellite here. While you are doing this, make sure that you do not reduce the distance in a way that the signals of both devices begin clashing. Choose a suitable distance that is neither too little nor more.

Once you move your satellite, try to connect to its network and check if it has improved or not.

2.    Examine Power Supply to the Satellite

Another possibility is that the electricity supply to the satellite is fluctuating. Now, if the satellite does not boot up completely, how will you get good and stable signals from it?

You should consider checking the power cable of the satellite. It should not be loose and should be in good condition. Plus check the electrical socket into which the satellite’s power cable is plugged in.

Make all the necessary changes to ensure that the satellite receives a consistent power supply.

We suggest you check the same with the router also. Maybe a poor power supply to the router is the reason for poor signals from the satellite.

3.    Update Firmware on Satellite

Firmware updates are vital. Many Orbi users do update their routers but forget to get the satellites updated. The same could have been done by you. If you haven’t updated your Orbi or have missed updating the satellite, then get it done right now.

To upgrade the firmware, you first need to connect your computer to Orbi’s WiFi and then log in to Orbi and install the latest firmware on both router and satellite. Firmware updates can fix many issues with the Orbi devices like Orbi not connecting to internet, poor signals, etc. As soon as you have completed the firmware updates, see if the issue has been resolved or not. 

Are you Still Stuck? Try Some More Troubleshooting Tips

If the issue is still adamant about leaving you, then you should give a shot at some more troubleshooting tips that have been mentioned ahead.

Power Cycle Orbi Devices

Power cycling is nothing but making the connections all over again from the very beginning after disconnecting them. What would it do? It will help in removing temporary disconnections. The devices get a fresh start and updates get pushed. The steps for power cycling the Orbi devices are given below:

  • Power down the Orbi satellite and router using the Power button.
  • Unplug the power cables from the respective electrical outlets.
  • Give some time to the devices to recover.
  • Meanwhile, remove any other cable that is connected to both devices.
  • Begin making the connections once again.
  • Plug the power cables.
  • Turn the power buttons to the On position and power up the router and satellite.

The Orbi satellite should be working well now.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope the same trouble is not the reason for your headache anymore. You can now get your client devices connected to the Orbi satellite’s WiFi and enjoy its network without any hassle. Make a note of keeping your Orbi devices updated with the most recent firmware version all the time.

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