A Career in CAD  – One of the fastest-growing occupations

Being a cad drafter has never been more desirable than now. The national average for CAD/CAM design drafter is $75,000 a year. Students can attend a variety of technical colleges to attain a CAD certification and apply for entry level CAD jobs.

One of the most effective ways to land an entry-level CAD job is to work with a CAD recruitment agency. One we strongly recommend is Tier2Tek Staffing. They only work on the direct-hire model. That means you get hired by a company from day one. 

They can be a helpful resource to connecting job seekers with companies that are already working with staffing agencies.  

In addition to a staffing agency, popular job boards often advertise CAD positions. However, they typically require experience in addition to the certification. The staffing agencies usually have a professional relationship developed with HR and the hiring manager. It’s a great way to start a CAD career or find the next challenge in your career.

Some of the industries that higher CAD professionals are automotive, energy, technology, manufacturing, construction, retail, and many more.

CAD drafter and design career is one of the fastest growing segments of the job market. Just about every industry uses CAD in some shape or form.

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