Navigating TTU Blackboard: A Student’s Guide to Online Learning


In today’s fast-paced educational landscape, universities are increasingly adopting online learning platforms to facilitate education in a digital age. Texas Tech University (TTU) is no exception, and its adoption of Blackboard as an online learning management system (LMS) has been a game-changer for students and faculty alike. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide for TTU students on how to navigate and make the most of TTU Blackboard.

What is TTU Blackboard?

TTU Blackboard is an online learning platform that serves as the central hub for course materials, assignments, discussions, grades, and more. It enables students and instructors to engage in virtual classrooms, ensuring that education continues seamlessly even in the face of challenges like distance learning or the need for flexible scheduling.

Logging In

To access TTU Blackboard, you’ll need your TTU eRaider username and password. Once you have those credentials, simply visit the TTU Blackboard login page and enter your information. If you encounter any login issues, TTU’s IT support can help resolve them.

Navigating the Interface

The TTU Blackboard interface is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Here’s a brief overview of its key components:

  1. My Blackboard: After logging in, you’ll land on the “My Blackboard” page. This is your dashboard, displaying courses you’re enrolled in, announcements, and other important information.
  2. Courses: To access a specific course, click on the relevant course title under “My Courses.” Each course typically has its own set of tabs, such as Announcements, Content, Assignments, and Discussions.
  3. Announcements: Instructors use this section to communicate important updates and information about the course. Be sure to check it regularly.
  4. Content: This section holds all course materials, including lectures, readings, and multimedia files. Click on the course’s Content tab to access these resources.
  5. Assignments: Here, you’ll find details about upcoming assignments, due dates, and submission guidelines.
  6. Discussions: Many courses use the Discussions tab for online class discussions and interactions. You can post questions, participate in discussions, and collaborate with peers here.
  7. Grades: The Grades tab allows you to keep track of your progress in the course. You can view your grades on assignments, quizzes, and exams.

Tips for Success

  1. Stay Organized: Keep track of assignment due dates and course announcements. The Calendar feature in TTU Blackboard can help you manage your schedule effectively.
  2. Participate Actively: Engage with your instructors and fellow students through discussion boards and emails. Active participation enhances your learning experience.
  3. Check for Updates: Regularly check your TTU email and the Announcements section for important updates from your instructors.
  4. Use the Mobile App: TTU Blackboard has a mobile app that allows you to access course materials and notifications on the go.


TTU Blackboard is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your learning experience at Texas Tech University. By mastering its features and staying engaged, you’ll be well-equipped to succeed in your online and hybrid courses. Remember to reach out to your instructors or TTU’s IT support if you encounter any issues—help is always available to ensure your academic journey is a smooth one.

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